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Approach to organic products

Have you ever thought from where such foods as you eat usually come from ? Among all foods excluding food additives, agricultural crops are born from seeds nurtured by soils and grow up into those with rich in nutrition in the bosom of the sun and winds. Fishery and animal products, for their parts, live their life growing up to be nutrition for human and other animals while taking in various creatures in the nature. All beings and creatures are connected in no small part with each other as indispensable partners.

Eating means to take in life of such indispensable partners and it is the only way for us to carry on living as human beings.

The concept of organic seems to be still hard to understand well. Why ? We sometimes hear people saying, “I don’t know well even though it seems to be regulated by a law,” or “I hear it is good for the body but don’t know how it is beneficial.” Just as you think of it, it is really difficult to explain clearly by focusing on human beings. Thinking simply, however, living means to take lives of other living things. We live our lives by taking such lives to receive their nutrition into our body to turn it into flesh and blood. In other words, what you ate directly builds up your body. In that sense, it becomes necessary to take measures not to place excessive burden to the workings of nature. Eat crops grown up in healthy soil in a way not to place burden to the body, appreciate the benefit obtained from them and give the gratitude corresponding to the benefit back to the soil where the crops were nurtured. It’s the concept of organic.

As a manufacturer to provide foods with safety and health to customers, TAKAHASHI SAUCE is determined to contribute to maintenance and promotion of cyclical function of the nature through creation of products inspired by the concept of organic and its passion after considering to the extreme what we can do.

Organic (100) series of TAKAHASHI SAUCE has been made up fully by organic ingredients except for salt and water. The product may be of some help for maintenance and promotion of sense of secure for those who ate the product as well as cyclical function of the nature of the crops consumed. We firmly hope to contribute to the planet in the future and all beings and creatures living on it from now on, if not to a large extent, while expanding chain of the concept of organic.

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Trend Products

Organic sauce
With full of fruity flavor, standard sauce of organic 100 series is highly recommendable!

Organic tomato ketchup
Unprecedented mouth-filling taste based on original flavor of organic tomato!

Organic dressings
Organic dressing series based on new concept with a lineup of four types!

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