Conept of sauce manufacturing

Conept of sauce manufacturing

We, TAKAHASHI SAUCE, have been devoting ourselves to making authentic tastes by using agricultural crops with full of blessing of the nature which may please customers and make them say delicious.

The late Senzo Takahashi, the founder of TAKAHASHI SAUCE, repeatedly visitted a western restaurant at Ueno in Tokyo where he lived for an apprenticeship in 1930's and he encountered a sauce to be put on Tonkatsu (Japanese style pork cutlet) and the like. Impressed by the palatability and inspired by the food culture, he decided to manufacture a sauce. With an aspiration to make customers realize and experience a delicious sauce, he came to establish the company.

Based on the aspiration steadily succeeded to the next generation, Hiroshi Takahashi, the second generation owner, aimed at creating more secure and delicious taste. Having been among the first to create a sauce without using food additive in 1970's when pollution problems created sensation, he finally made up Country - Harvest series and Organic 100 series both of which are brands of TAKAHASHI SAUCE based on subsequent efforts to confirm the palatability and safety of every single ingredient among agricultural crops as the origin of foods.

Still now, we are determined to continuously enhance the aspiration of TAKAHASHI SAUCE to seek for authentic tastes by using agricultural crops with blessing of the nature carefully as well as to create tastes and products which may contribute to happiness of people who tried our tastes and products.

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Organic sauce
With full of fruity flavor, standard sauce of organic 100 series is highly recommendable!

Organic tomato ketchup
Unprecedented mouth-filling taste based on original flavor of organic tomato!

Organic dressings
Organic dressing series based on new concept with a lineup of four types!

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